Monday, February 23, 2015

How to Organize...Cable Clutter

Let's start small.

I love those moments when you realize something that is so obvious and easy, you feel the need to literally smack yourself on the forehead.  Organizing my electronics drawer was an absolute palm to forehead moment.  This might not seem like a high priority project but in the end it will save you time, it is easy to do, easy to maintain and you likely won't need to buy anything extra.

The amount of time I spent looking for my Nook charger every time I  needed to charge the device was such a waste of time.  Plus, as we already established, I'm a pack rat so this was an opportunity to finally get rid of all those extra cords I'd been collecting over the past 10 years.  I'm not quite sure how we acquired them but even I can part with four Iphone 4 chargers.

Step 1: Get a bunch of storage bags and a permanent marker (quart size bags are my favorite)

Step 2: Collect the various cords and small electronic devices from all over your house

Step 3: Figure out which charger goes with each device and sort into piles.  I grouped a few of the items together like kids toys, apple devices, etc, and also made a miscellaneous bag. 

Step 4: Weed out any cords or devices that you want to donate and place to the side

Step 5: Label each bag with appropriate item(s) and put the device with charger in the bag.  You can also use a small binder clip to keep the cord from getting tangled.

Step 6: Place bags in an easily accessible (for you, not the littles ones) space.  I have ours in a side table by our couch.  

Voila!  You know where everything is including all the accessories.  It is easy to do and though it seems like a small project, it will ultimately save you time.

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  1. Binder clips - genius! Also, I love how easily accessible the bags make it.